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Brazilian Nites & Brazilian Institute of Arts and Culture is proud to present FORROÇACANA!!!

Secure your ticket for this unmissable event, Arraial do Forroçacana! It’s time to celebrate and dance to the rhythms of Festa Junina (June country party)!.


This amazing group emerged in 1997 from the union of a young group of musicians who had a shared love for Forró pe de serra. They were heavily inspired by the songs of Luiz Gonzaga, Jaxkson do Pandeiro and Dominguinhos.

Their unique style born from 3 decades of performance combines traditional forró with other Brazilian rhythms such as samba & choro, while also drawing from other influences such as rock, reggae and oriental music!

They have made several global international tours and now they are back! Without a doubt you have danced to their music at parties as they are much loved by DJs and forrozeiros worldwide. Let’s come together and give them a warm San Diego welcome as they perform for us LIVE at Break Point Pacific Beach!!!!

Early bird tickets at discounted price on sale now, Don’t miss out on the ultimate Forró experience – secure your tickets today!”

See you on the dance floor!

Thank you.


Forroçacana in San Diego 2024-05-31

Forroçacana in Los Angeles 2024-06-02

Forroçacana in Chicago 2024-06-06

Forroçacana in Houston 2024-06-07

Forroçacana in Pompano Beach 2024-06-08

Forroçacana in Washington 2024-06-13

Forroçacana in Toronto 2024-06-15

Forroçacana in Montreal 2024-06-16

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  1. Precisamos mais eventos de profissionais de forro aqui em South Beach Florida (Miami,fort lauderdale,pompano beach,deeerfield beach,boca Raton,)etc.
    Contem comigo pra sugestoes.

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