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Brazilian Country Festival / Festa Junina featuring Monobloco

Festa Junina brings the best of Brazil’s country festivals to Los Angeles area! Featuring headliner Monobloco, Veesh Maria Forro Band and DJ Yukicito  – An afternoon filled with Forró, Samba, Quadrilha, Casamento, authentic Brazilian food, dance and more for the whole family!

BRAZILIAN NITES PRODUCTIONS, the largest Brazilian production company in the West Coast, and educators from Brazilian Play and Learn, are teaming up to bring the most authentic Festa Junina to Angelenos on June 19, 2019 from 2pm to 7pm, at Rancho Cordillera del Norte (9015 Wilbur Ave, Northridge, CA 91324).

Rancho Cordillera del Norte is a charming ranch just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles, featuring a perfect environment for outdoor recreation of all kinds. Mariana Leite and Bia Borinn, educators from Brazilian Play and Learn, will be in charge of activities such as arts and crafts, classic outdoor games and Quadrilha, a fun traditional folk dance for the whole family.

Featuring Monobloco, Brazil’s most exciting street band. Known for their raucous parade performances during Carnaval drawing hundreds of percussionists from the public, they will bring their stage concert version to Queens. Their high-energy show incorporates various rhythms and musical styles through the beat of samba, including the traditional “marchinhas de carnaval” (carnival marches), the forró of Luiz Gonzaga, and even baile funk.

Plus Veesh Maria is a Forró band based in San Francisco, CA – Formed by true representatives of the culture bringing the organic sounds of Accordion, Triangle and Zabumba to the forefront of heated Dancefloors! #vivagonzaga

DJ Yukicito will be spinning the best of traditional forró, a musical amalgam that makes everyone get up and move. Those attending will be treated to typical Brazilian food from a variety of vendors, which includes barbecue skewer and different dishes such as Pamonha (sweet corn cake) and Canjica (sweet maize porridge). Attendees are encouraged to dress up like farmers to enjoy and dance the Quadrilha as they were in Brazil’s countryside.

This event is sponsored and supported by Sling TV Brazilian, Korbel



Phone: (818) 566 1111





2:00pm – Doors  DJ Yukicito

2:45pm – Aula de forró

3:15pm – Show – Veesh Maria Forró band

4:15pm – Quadrilha com DJ Yukicito

5:00pm – Show – MONOBLOCO

7:00pm – DJ Yukicito

8:00 – The end of Festa Junina! Until next year! Thank you!






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