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Luciana Souza explores ‘saudade’ in her new show

Luciana Souza is one of jazz’s foremost singers and vocal interpreters. Her work transcends traditional boundaries of musical styles, offering solid roots in jazz, sophisticated lineage in world music and an enlightened approach to new music. She has performed with Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, James Taylor and Bobby McFerrin and her voice has been described as “transcendental,” “perfect,” and of “unparalleled beauty.”

Billboard magazine wrote that “she continues her captivating journey as a uniquely talented vocalist who organically crosses genre borders. Her music soulfully reflects, wistfully regrets, romantically woos, joyfully celebrates…” Accompanied by Chico Pinheiro on guitar and Scott Colley on bass, Souza will perform songs from her new album, The Book of Longing.

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