Brazilian Nites

Yamandu Costa – New York

Yamandu Costa is widely considered one of the great guitarists in the world today. This virtuoso 7-string guitar player has left audiences breathless around the world with his impressive skill and overwhelming passion. Born in Rio Grande do Sul to a musical family, he played his first major concert at age 17 in São Paulo and quickly gained international fame for his incredible talent. Yamandu is credited with reviving Brazilian guitar music and his diverse repertoire includes styles like chorinho, bossa nova, milonga, tango, samba and chamamé, making him difficult to categorize into a single genre. A 2021 Latin GRAMMY winner for Best Instrumental Album, he has also been a featured soloist with symphony orchestras around the world.

Joining Yamandu on part of the tour will be Richard Scofano on bandoneón. A superlative master of his instrument, Scofano is also an accomplished composer, arranger, and musical director. He has composed original works for bandoneón and orchestra that have been performed in Chicago and Buenos Aires. Yamandu Costa and Richard Scofano will perform a breathtaking set of Latin American pieces as well as brand new compositions.