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Roberto Carlos – Boston

Today, one of the most beloved and essential musicians in the artistic and musical scene, Roberto Carlos, kicks off 2024 by gifting his fans with emotional performances. As a central figure in the U.S., he arrives to bring his famous live performance to a country that has ranked him among the top 30 artists with the largest audience, according to the Global Concert Pulse.

In his shows, Carlos presents many hits from his illustrious career along with his recently released EP “Eu Ofereço Flores” (I Offer Flowers). Composing alone and alongside his partner Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos has consolidated a musical genre that can be defined as elaborate, refined, and objective, making his style unique in Brazil and the world. Over the years, he has been an evolutionary musical visionary and pioneer without losing his essence or character. With each release, he has achieved excellent sales numbers and streaming hits, which has led to filling concert halls, arenas, and stadiums around the globe.

Brazil is home to great composers & singers, but Roberto Carlos is one of the most loved artists by the public in Brazil, Latin America, and the world. With more than 70 albums released in his country, including career albums, EPs, compilations, collections, and projects leading to hundreds of gold, platinum, and diamond records, his career has been based on simultaneous releases in Portuguese and Spanish since the 60s and countless other hits in different languages. In his acclaimed career, the artist’s notable end-of-year TV career has remarkably turned 50 this year. This memorable tradition lives on TV Globo, Brazil’s #1 TV channel and one of Latin America’s most influential media outlets.