Brazilian Nites

“Forroloween” with Falamansa – Los Angeles

Joins us ! “FORROLOWEEN” with the best Forro band directly from Brazil, FALAMANSA! Get ready to dance the night away Brazilian style!

Costumes are encouraged!

Breaking all common paradigms for a musical group, Falamansa completes 25 years of uninterrupted activity and the same formation.

If this unique statistic in the Brazilian music scene wasn’t enough, the band still keeps, over all these years, an unprecedented cultural fidelity and a thematic line in their lyrics that runs contrary to everything that happens in the national phonographic market.

Such ideological boldness, which for many would be an invitation to failure, for Falamansa, between the lines, presents itself as the formula for its success, making its music something unique and keeping its identity intact and unshakable.

There are more than 8 million records sold, 13 albums, 2 DVDs and 1 Latin Grammy in their luggage, in addition to many other awards throughout their career.

All of this without any deviation from the route of their initial rhythmic proposal, keeping the Brazilian forró culture alive and present in their works and without any need for downgrading lyrics, infusing each work with messages of joy, faith, motivation, love, resilience linking social and environmental awareness, as banners of each project.

Falamansa completes 25 years on the road this year and comes to reinforce the band’s importance in the Brazilian music scene and mainly to prove once and for all to the current monocultural phonographic market and the factory of disposable lyrics that, what’s good stays forever!!

This show is indicated to all Ages.