Brazilian Nites

Yamandu Costa – US Tour 2024

“Musicians of this caliber that make you fall out of your seat come once in a generation.”   – La Presse Montreal Latin GRAMMY winner Yamandu Costa is widely considered one of the great guitarists in the world today. This virtuoso 7-string guitar player has left audiences breathless around the[…]

Gilsons Band

Gilsons in San Diego

The musical trio known as Gilsons was established in 2018 and consists of Francisco, João, and José Gil. Along with incorporating elements of pop rock, samba, reggae, and Bahiano rhythms, it also alludes to the classic MPB music of father and grandfather Gilberto Gil. Following a strong run of releases,[…]


Secure your ticket for this unmissable event, Arraial do Forroçacana! It’s time to celebrate and dance to the rhythms of Festa Junina (June country party)!